Product Description

In Australia, the koozie is called a “stubby holder” because local beer was traditionally sold in 375 mL (12.7 fl oz) bottles colloquially known as “stubbies” due to their short, squat appearance in comparison to the alternative packaging of 750 mL (25 fl oz) bottles (“king brown”, “tallie”, or simply “bottle”), and the 375 mL (12.7 US fl oz) longneck bottles commonly used for beer imported from North America and Europe.


Koozies are used to insulate a chilled beverage from warming by conduction and heat radiation, like a hand, warm air, or sunlight.

Using a koozie can reduce the rate a drink warms in the sun by up to 50%.

Secondary uses include easily identifying one’s beverage from another person’s.

By imprinting Iron Works Barbecue on the koozie, this will help identify your beverage as one belonging to someone with exceptional taste and a calm, but assertive demeanor.


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